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Medical Terminology and Vocabulary Section (incomplete)
Non-medical Latin Roots or Non-medical Greek Roots

ism condition, state, theory   suffix, noun  
tion condition, action   suffix, noun  
ist specialist   suffix, noun  
er one who   suffix, noun  
ity quality   suffix, noun  
sis     suffix, noun  
emia     suffix, noun  
us     suffix, noun  
um     suffix, noun  
e     suffix, noun  
us     suffix, noun  
osis condition, disease, action   suffix, noun  
ous having, possessing, displaying   suffix, adjective  
ible ability   suffix, adjective  
ible ability   suffix, adjective  
itis inflammation   suffix  
er one who   suffix  
logist, ology one who specializes, study of (logos = study)      
oma tumor (abnormal growth of cells, neoplaasm)   suffix  
ic pertaining to   suffix, adjective  
tic     suffix, adjective  
ous     suffix, adjective  
ac pertaining to   suffix, adjective  
ar     suffix, adjective  
al pertaining   suffix, adjective  
y     suffix, noun  
ia condition   suffix, noun  
pathy, opathy disease   suffix  
algia pain   suffix  
oid like, resembling   suffix  
gram something written or drawn, a record, a picture      
graph, graphy to write, to record, instrument used to make a picture or recording      
ex     prefix  
hyper above, more than normal   prefix  
hypo below, less than normal   prefix  
meta beyond   prefix  
dis     prefix  
ectomy cut out, remove (tomos = cut), excision   root  
stomy, ostomy to form a new opening by cutting (tomos = cut)   root, suffix  
a without   prefix  
cele hernia, swelling   suffix  

megalo, megaly large, enlarged      
acro extremities (acr/o = tip, top, apex)     acromegaly
derma, dermato skin     dermatitis
tomos, tomo cut, incision     dermatome
cyano blue      
leuko white      
melano black      
erythro red      
chloro green      
xantho yellow      
cyte cell      
pen want, scarcity, definciency in number, decrease in      
em, hema, hemo, hemato blood      
lympho liquid, water      
thrombo clot, lump      
cardio heart      
gastro stomach      
mania madness      
electro electric      
sonos sound      
lip fat     lipid
carcino cancer      
stasis, ostasis in one place, standing (not moving)   suffix  
situs position, situation, seat     in situ
sarco connective tissue, flesh, soft tissues     sarcoma
athero fatty, grain      
arterio artery      
arthro joint     arthritis, arthroscope

radio, radius ray (as coming from a central point)      
duodeno beginning of the small intestine      
cephalo head      
encephalo brain      
malaco soft, softening of a tissue     malacotomy, craniomalacia
meningo, meninx membrane, refers to 3-layered membrane tha covers brain and spinal cord     meningocele, meningitis
dermo skin      
emesis vomiting      
inter between   prefix interclavicular, intercellular, interdental
intra within, inside   prefix intradermal, intramuscular, intravenous
trophy nourishment, nutrition, food      
adeno gland      
granulo granular tissue      
neuro nerve     neurocele, neuralgia, neurosis, neurotomy, 
myo muscle     myocarditis
myein to close     myopic
osteo bone      
papillo small elevation of tissue, pimple-like, nipple-like     papule
muc slimy     mucosa
leio smooth     www
onco mass, tumor, bulk     oncology
sero thin and watery fluid     serosa, serous
cranio skull     craniotomy, craniometer
dyne, odyne pain     cephalodynic
cerebro portion of the brain     cerebrospinal, cerebritis, cerebroma
ortho straight, upright, correct     orthocephalic, orthodontia, orthopedist

plasty surgical repair or forming      
teno, tendono tendon     tendonitis, tenodynia, tenalgia
olysis     suffix  
costo ribs     intercostal
meter, ometer measure, to use to measure or gauge   root themometer, 
dent, dont tooth     dentifrice, orthodontist, dentist
lumbo lower back     lumbar
thoraco chest, thorax     thoracic
pubo of the pubic region, where the pelvic bones meet in the front, ripe age, adult     pubic symphisis, pubescent, puberty
super over, above, on top of   prefix  
supra above, over, beyond, higher, outside, or further (in position)   prefix suprarenal, supralumbar, suprapubic
osteo, osteon bone   root osteopath, osteoporosis, osteosarcoma
bursa bag, purse, in medicine the small serous sac between a tendon and a bone   root bursitis
pelvi basin     pelvis, pelvimetry
scope to spy, to watch   roots arthroscopic 
duct lead, move      
oclysis     suffix  
poros passageway, pores      
amnio refers to sac around fetus      
chondro cartilage   root chondrectomy
ography     suffix  
ad toward   prefix adduction, addiction, adhesion
ab away, from   prefix abnormal, abduction
orrhaphy     suffix  
systo bladder     cystitis, cystomtomy, cystocele


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